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Inspired by Virginia Photographer Matt Mendelsohn (and a mom who brought his project to my attention), it became my desire to photograph the SHS Class of 2020. My heart breaks for this class and the various losses they have had to endure, and I felt very strongly that I wanted to honor and validate these young adults' feelings by capturing how they are feeling about how their senior year has ended. I invited them to meet me for pictures at no cost to them, and to bring a prop or wear something that symbolized something important to them. I expected that this project could be very somber, and have been absolutely delighted in the direction it has taken. These young adults are remarkable. Yes, they are sad about the sudden loss of the rites of passage they had expected to experience as they finished high school, but they are also proud of their accomplishments, and they are excited about their futures, and these pictures are the proof. I feel so privileged to spend these moments with them. Congratulations, Class of 2020. You will do great things!

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